How do I store my cupcakes?
We recommend that you consume our cupcakes on the day of purchase. However, they can also be kept in the fridge for 2-3 days. There are instructions on our boxes on how to thaw them.

Do you have gluten free cupcakes or cupcakes for people with special dietary needs?
Currently, we do not have gluten free cupcakes. All our cupcakes are baked in the same kitchen, so we also do not recommend our cupcakes to anyone with special dietary needs (ie: severe nut allergies).

Are your cupcakes halal?
Our cupcakes are not certified halal but no pork, lard or pork-derived ingredients (ie: gelatine) are used in our cupcakes.
Also, no alcohol is used in our cupcakes except for cupcakes with alcoholic flavors.

Can we get Twelve Cupcakes cupcakes anywhere else?
We do not cater to, or endorse anyone who resells our cupcakes. Quality is only guaranteed at our stores. =)

Any questions relating to the purchase, customisation, collection/delivery of our cupcakes are likely to be found here. Feel free to write us at if you need more info!