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Available Toppers (Fondants will be packed separately)

  • Fondant Colours

    (1 colour for every 12 fondants)

  • Fondant Alphabets

    Alphabet Cutouts $1 each

  • Fondants Stamps

    Stamped Fondants $1 each

    Base Shape ( 1 shape per 12 fondants )

  • Fondant Logos

    $10 for the stamp (please provide artwork) which you will get to keep. (min 7 working days) Note : We cannot reproduce stamps with Disney or other popular characters due to copyright infringement. However we can make customised Flags with those images if you provide them!

  • Fondant Decorative Packets

    ($12/packet of 15 fondants)

    Baby Series : Bears, Feet, Milk Bottle, “BOY”/”GIRL”/”BABY” Wedding Series : Rings, Handbag, High Heels, Ladies’ Hat Kids Series : Dinosaurs, Vehicles, Animals

  • Flag Toppers

    Flags with your own artwork (50c each) Min qty : 2 dozen

    Baby flags with name (50c each) Min qty : 2 dozen

Delivery & Collection

  • Do you provide delivery and how much is it?

    Yup we do! Delivery is available at $30 per location with no minimum order with 5 working days notice. The below are our delivery time slots (subject to availability):

    Monday – Saturday: 8am-12pm, 12pm-4pm, 4pm-8pm Sunday: 8am-12pm, 12pm-4pm There is no delivery on Public Holidays.

  • Where can I pick up my cupcakes?

    You can collect at our outlets,  Please kindly check with us on which available outlets.

  • What if I cannot pick up my order on the agreed collection date?

    You can change your collection date up to a day before it’s collected. Unfortunately, we cannot refund on orders that are cancelled or not collected. We also cannot keep the cupcakes because we lack storage space.

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