Celebrate our Nation’s Birthday with National Day Cupcakes

This 9th of August, satisfy your sweet tooth and celebrate the occasion with Twelve Cupcakes’ specially created cupcakes for National Day. We’re turning 57 this year, and there’s arguably no better way to commemorate our long-standing independence than watching a firework-lit sky while indulging in our tantalisingly delicious National Day cupcakes!

Take your pick from our three curated cupcakes perfect for National Day, or mix things up and order a few sets of each for the ultimate indulgence with our exclusive National Day promotions:

Five Stars Arising


Our Five Stars Arising cupcakes feature a delectable chocolate base with marshmallows and cream icings — taking inspiration from the five stars that represent our country’s ideals, we’ve incorporated an ingredient combination that has been considered by many to be the crème de la crème when it comes to sweet, harmonious flavours.


SG Celebrates!


As for those who’d like a little more adventure and a burst of good fun, our SG Celebrates cupcake infuses a rich chocolate base with the unlikely yet surprisingly complementing companions of crispy crunch and cream cheese. As our own testament to how different parts can come together to create something decadently exquisite, the SG Celebrates cupcake is our tribute to Singapore and all the people that make up our nation to the beautiful country it is today.


United We Stand


Lastly, our United We Stand cupcake infuses a fresh vanilla base with an invigorating mix of orange zest, cream, and cream icing, and without a doubt puts the festive in festivities. Get yours and satisfy that craving for refreshment manifested (with a dash of sugar, of course).


So, hurry and place your pre-orders today, such that you can enjoy timely pick-up at our physical stores or home delivery on the 8th and 9th of August. At $4.40 each or $12 for a set of three, your satisfaction is guaranteed with our luxurious National Day cupcakes.


Order your National Day cupcakes today, and prepare for an amazing National Day holiday with Twelve Cupcakes.