We know all about stopping to smell the roses, but did you know you can eat them too? The stunning colours and textures of the natural world have inspired us to offer custom floral cupcakes and cakes!. At Twelve Cupcakes, you’ll find a wide variety of delicate yet delicious flower-themed creations suitable for any occasion or celebration in Singapore. From fondant cakes to mouth-watering cupcakes, our picture-perfect floral treats are sure to bring a smile to your guests’ faces.

With over 10 years of experience in specialty cakes and cupcakes, our expert team of bakers and pastry chefs is well equipped to turn your floral dreams into a delicious reality. Lilies, Roses, Lavender — you name it, we can make it. Through our customisation offering, you can choose the flavour, shape and size of your floral cake.

Treat Yourself to Floral Cupcakes & Cakes

Everybody knows that you can send a message with a bouquet of flowers, but what about with a dozen cupcakes? Our flower cupcakes are the perfect way to express your excitement at a bridal shower, baby shower, wedding or birthday party. Choose a uniform collection of flowers, or mix it up with a variety of flavours and colours — you are only limited by your imagination!

Our floral cakes are guaranteed to be a show-stopper at your next event. For an upcoming Christmas party, commission a poinsettia-style cake with a decadent red velvet base and watch as it’s admired, and then devoured! Alternatively, customise a rose floral cake for mother’s day and enjoy cutting it up and eating it together.

With our custom flower cupcakes and cakes, the possibilities are endless. Drop us a WhatsApp message at 8182 8780 or email us at info@twelvecupcakes.com to enquire about our flower cupcakes and cakes in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Flower Cupcakes and Cakes

1. Does Twelve Cupcakes offer delivery services in Singapore?

We absolutely do. If your nearest store is too far away or you don’t have time to come in person, simply place your order five days in advance with a minimum order of $29 (and a delivery fee of $12) we can deliver your custom floral cake straight to your doorstep.

2. Can I store my floral cupcakes overnight?

We can’t imagine there will be any leftovers of our delicious cakes but if there happens to be a few left, they can be sealed in an airtight container and stored in the fridge for up to two days.

3. How large are your floral cakes?

We offer many sizes from petite which serves 2-4 people, to our large 14” cake which serves 24-28. We’re certain we will have the right size cake for you, but if you’re after something special, consider placing a special order or purchasing a few cakes to share.

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