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Enjoy Our Cookies In Your Favourite Flavours

There’s nothing like sinking your teeth into a warm, freshly baked cookie chock-full of mouth-watering flavour – trust us, we know! That’s why each and every one of our Twelve Cupcakes cookies is handmade and baked fresh daily to guarantee you only the best taste, texture, and flavour. Whether you’re a fan of chewy, crunchy, or crispy cookies, you’ll find them all right here. Order a set of your favourite cookies online (it’s just a few clicks away!) or pop up your nearest Twelve Cupcakes outlet to get your hands on them before they sell out.

Find your new favourite Chocolate Cookies

There are dozens of cookie flavours out there, but some of the best (if we say so ourselves) have got to be all the different types of chocolate cookies available! Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Chip may be cookie classics, but we didn’t stop there. Fans of White Chocolate have two options to choose from: Cranberry White Chocolate accented with hints of sweetness and tartness, or the crispy Macadamia White Chocolate which comes with a rich and nutty crunch.

True choco-holics will definitely need to try the Triple Chocolate topped with a generous helping of real chocolate chunks, as well as the Chocolate Oreo that has crumbled Oreos mixed into every bite. What can we say? We love chocolate cookies just as much as you do!

Or try something New and Unique

Not a big fan of chocolate cookies? No worries, we have other amazing cookie flavors to look forward to! You can now enjoy our signature Red Velvet cupcakes in cookie form, with our Red Velvet cookie. And if you are the type of cookie lover who can’t get enough of a savoury-sweet treat, the Salted Caramel cookie might be just what you need. Rich, sharp, and with a subtle hint of saltiness – you won’t be able to stop at just one!

Frequently Asked Questions About Twelve Cupcakes Cookies

1. What other products does Twelve Cupcakes sell? What flavours can I look forward to?

We started out as a cupcakerie, but have branched out our menu over the years to include mini cupcakes, cake slices, whole cakes, honey cakes, fondant cakes, and of course our crispy cookies too! Our signature cake flavours include Red Velvet, Caramel, Nutella, Ondeh Ondeh and more – plus some special flavours that are only available for a limited time. Pop into the nearest Twelve Cupcake cake shop near you today to see what’s on the menu!

2. Can I order your cookies for a special event or occasion?

Yes, definitely! Our products including cookies, cakes, and cupcakes can be purchased online or even customised by our amazing Catering Team. If you’re planning for a super-special event such as a birthday, baby shower, or wedding, we can help make your dessert dreams a reality too. Simply drop us a Whatsapp message at 8182 8780 for more information on our custom flavour and decor options.

3. Do you have same-day delivery for your cookies?

You can reach out to our Catering Team over Whatsapp at 8182 8780 to order your sweet treats with at least 1 day prior notice, or order our desserts online with at least 3 working days advance notice. However, do not worry. To ensure that your order arrives with maximum freshness, all cookies are handmade and baked on the day of delivery for guaranteed deliciousness!

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