• Single: $4.50
  • 3 pcs: $10.00
  • Contains Nuts
  • Baked with real fruits
  • Contains Cream Cheese

Small, compact and ready to go, these charmingly sized cake slices make certain that there is always something for everyone, and caters to all different tastes. With no cutting required, they are undoubtedly convenient too.

And not only do our cake slices come in the signature whole cake flavours, our very passionate team has taken the liberty of creating other distinct specimens indigenous to this very department. We have a specially created Red Velvet cake slice – based on our most popular cupcake flavour, thick and creamy cheese frosting married with beautiful sponge layers makes for an exquisite pairing that’s guaranteed to bring smiles all around.

So there you have it, big bold flavours packaged into cute little cubes. They are sure to take over any table top.