Is your child’s birthday coming up? Planning to host a movie night for your friends? Or simply want your choice of cupcakes to be based on your favourite movie? Cupcakes are a great treat for any occasion, and themed cupcakes can take it up a notch.

Whether you’re throwing a birthday bash for your kid soon or just want to surprise your friends with some awesome desserts, Twelve Cupcakes has got you covered! With stores conveniently located islandwide in Singapore, we specialise in handcrafted cupcakes and cakes in a wide array of flavours.

That’s not all! You can discover a vast selection of movie-themed cupcakes for any event – from weddings to birthday celebrations – that need an extra touch of sweetness. The best part is, you can get your customised cupcake order delivered to your doorstep – just in time for your special day!

Deciding on a Movie-Themed Cupcake

If you’re hosting a party and wondering what kind of cupcakes to serve your guests, themed cupcakes can be a great option worth considering. They are fun and festive, plus they give you the opportunity to match the theme of your party as well as include some personal touches.

To simplify the process, start brainstorming different themes with their matching flavours. We have various cupcake flavours available: sweet vanilla, decadent chocolate pearls and our rich red velvet are only the beginning of what we offer. No matter what flavour you choose, your sweet treats will surely become a talking point when you choose Twelve Cupcakes as your go-to cupcake shop.

Alongside a wide selection of flavours, choose an icing colour that matches your theme; pink or light-blue cupcakes would suit a birthday party or baby shower, or deep red for a spooky Halloween-themed dessert. With so many movies and themes to choose from, the possibilities for your cupcakes are endless!

Order Today

Know your child would love cupcakes of their favourite cartoon or movie? You can customise a cupcake just for them and watch them light-up when we deliver it to your door. Check out dinosaur cupcakes that can match a Jurassic Park-themed party, lovely floral cupcakes and more to get started.

For our ready-made cakes, you can also drop by the nearest Twelve Cupcakes outlet in Singapore or simply browse through our menu to place an order today.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Movie-Themed Cupcakes

1. How long does it take you to deliver?

If you have any special requests, don’t hesitate to get in touch! For customised cupcakes, be sure to place your order five days in advance. We deliver our range of customised cupcakes and cakes with a minimum order of $29 (and delivery fee of $12.) This means you can plan your event with us and indulge your loved one with a Twelve Cupcakes feast!

2. Does Twelve Cupcakes offer vegan options?

We are able to adapt to most dietary requirements including vegan, gluten- free, egg-free and more. If you have special dietary requirements, get in touch with our dedicated team and we will do our best to ensure everyone is able to fully enjoy our range of movie-themed cupcakes.

3. Can I store my movie-themed cupcakes overnight?

Our cupcakes are best enjoyed upon delivery, but you can always store them in the fridge in an air-tight container for up to two days to maintain freshness!

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