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Blueberry & Lemon Cake in Singapore

Everybody loves cake – whether it’s their birthday or not. And if you’re obsessed with cakes, look no further than Twelve Cupcakes. Here, we create a wide variety of cakes and other baked goods such as cupcakes and cookies daily, in an even larger selection of flavours and themes. These delicious and tantalising treats are lovingly handcrafted, giving you the best taste and texture – your very own slice of happiness.

Classic & Nostalgic

If you’re looking for a classic cake that will please the masses, go for our Blueberry Vanilla cake. Best paired with a vanilla sponge and smothered in cream, this delicious dessert is both tangy and sweet. In Singapore, this flavour has also stood the test of time and is well-loved by the young and old alike, bringing forth a wave of nostalgia with every bite. Our Blueberry Vanilla cake is made from moist vanilla sponge cake with blueberry compote and fresh blueberries, and finished off with a dusting of chocolate shavings.

Refreshing & Citrusy

For something a little more modern and fun, the lemon cake is the one to try. Get ready to fall in love with the sweet side of lemon as you take a bite of this delightfully refreshing treat. Our Lemon Cake comes with luscious lemon cream frosting which is generously slathered between and around the layers of light vanilla sponge cake, and topped off with decadent homemade lemon curd. This zesty selection is indeed the perfect option for lemon lovers and children in Singapore.

Create Your Own Cake

Want the freedom to choose your own cake flavours and create your own designs? With our customisation service, you can easily build the cake of your dreams, and customise it to fit any occasion. Choose from our normal-sized cupcakes, mini cupcakes or fondant cakes and decide on the flavour you want. Then, let your imagination run wild as you add your own designs of cake toppers, colours and more. Alternatively, you may send us a reference image and let us do the work for you.

If you’re in need of inspiration, do check out our fondant cakes catalogue. Inside, you’ll find a wide variety of cakes and bakes made for all kinds of celebrations and events – a testament of Twelve Cupcakes years of experience in creating yummy desserts for our customers. Our cakes are available in many sizes, from 6-inch ones which are the most popular, to jumbo 14-inch cakes. Drop us a message via WhatsApp and let us help you pick out the best cake for your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flavoured Cakes by Twelve Cupcakes

1. Do you sell cake slices?

Yes, we do! If you’re looking for a smaller treat or simply want to try more flavours, opt for our cake slices. Each cake slice is served in trendy cubed portions which will also look nice in pictures! With these pre-cut treats, you can dive in and enjoy the cakes immediately. Alternatively, you can also indulge in our honey cakes which come in a compact block that’s neither too big nor too small – perfect for sharing.

2. What flavours do you offer apart from blueberry and lemon?

We offer a wide range of cake flavours, found in our desserts such as cupcakes and fondant cakes. Some of our flavours include caramel, Nutella, chocolate chip and ondeh ondeh. Our red velvet cupcakes are especially popular in Singapore! You can also check out our promotions to see if there are any new flavours launched.

3. Do you offer free delivery in Singapore?

Our delivery is charged at a flat rate of $6 to any location in Singapore (additional $20 required for delivery to Jurong Island and Tuas area), with a minimum order of $29 on our online shop. Do note that we require at least 3 working days for non-customised orders. You may also visit any of our outlets to pick up our fresh bakes of the day.

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