Indulge Guilt-Free: Our New Healthy Cupcake Collection Arrives!

Twelve Cupcakes New Cupcakes Selection Fun, Bright Colours and Cute Cupcakes

Craving a delicious cupcake without the sugar overload? Look no further! We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of our NEW Healthy Cupcake Collection, featuring three irresistible flavors that satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping your health goals on track. With 50% less sugar in our Tropical Twist and Passion Paradise cupcakes, and 30% less sugar in our Raspberry Rhapsody, you can indulge in guilt-free decadence. But hurry, these limited-edition cupcakes won’t last long.  Try our Healthy Cupcake Collection today!


  1. Twelve Cupcakes New Cupcakes Minty Melon Bliss Watermelon Cupcake with Less SugarTropical Twist Cupcake (50% Less Sugar): This delightful cupcake features a cool mint base that awakens your senses. Topped with a vibrant watermelon butter icing, it’s a refreshing and light way to indulge your sweet tooth without the guilt.Twelve Cupcakes New Cupcakes Passion Paradise Cupcake with Less Sugar
  2. Passion Paradise Cupcake (50% Less Sugar): Escape to a world of exotic flavours with this vibrant cupcake. A tangy passion fruit base is bursting with sunshine, while a hidden pocket of passion fruit crunch adds a delightful textural surprise.Twelve Cupcakes New Cupcakes Rasberry Vanilla Delight Cupcake with Less Sugar
  3. Raspberry Rhapsody Cupcake (30% Less Sugar): Indulge in a classic flavour combination with a healthy twist. This cupcake boasts a delicate vanilla raspberry base, perfectly complemented by a swirl of sweet raspberry butter icing and a burst of fresh raspberry filling. It’s a symphony of sweet and tart, all with less sugar than our regular cupcakes.

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