Buy Birthday Cupcakes in Singapore

Fallen in love with our classic cupcakes or cupcake minis in one bite? Can’t get enough of our mouth-watering Twelve Cupcakes flavours? Well now you can have our delectable desserts at your birthday party! Yup, you and your guests will be wowed at our specially decorated Birthday Cupcakes! Now available for delivery islandwide in Singapore.

No birthday celebration is complete without a stunning cake as the centerpiece of the table – but if you want to stand out from the crowd, then a set of birthday cupcakes is the way to go. Not only can you pick out various flavours to try a little bit of everything, but your guests can have their own fuss-free personal cupcake for a sweet treat without any fuss. Once it’s time to blow out the candles, everyone can walk away with their very own birthday cupcake – no messy cake-cutting, no fighting over the piece with the most toppings, no uneven slices, just pure fun and enjoyment on your special day!

Bring your custom designs to life

Our talented cake designers are here to help you create the birthday celebration of your dreams, so just let us know what design  you have in mind for your birthday cupcakes! Whether you have something in mind for your 2 year old toddler’s big party with the whole family, or want to order a simple set of cupcakes to celebrate your own birthday quietly at home, we’ve got you covered. From fondant to piped designs, we can tailor our cupcake decorations to fit your theme perfectly.

Spend your special day with Twelve Cupcakes

We believe sweet treats can make even the most special day even sweeter – so let our birthday cupcakes transform your celebrations into a day you’ll never forget! Twelve Cupcakes has been in the dessert and cupcake business in Singapore since 2011, and we’ve only gotten better with each passing day. Our treats are baked fresh daily to ensure they taste amazing when you receive your order, and our range of flavours include options like Red Velvet and Nutella Cream Cheese that will wow you with every bite.

Frequently Asked Questions About Birthday Cupcakes

1. Do you have custom cupcakes for other special events or holidays?

Birthdays aren’t the only special occasion we dress up our cupcakes for! We offer various seasonal and event cupcake customisation options including baby showers, weddings, Christmas, and Halloween.

2. I don’t have a special occasion coming up but I’d like to enjoy some custom cupcakes. Can you do that?

Of course! Who says you need to be celebrating to enjoy a personalised dessert? We offer customisation services for our signature cupcakes as well as cupcake minis and fondant cakes. One bite of our yummy cupcakes is enough to make any day a special day – so there’s no need to wait one whole year till your next birthday to treat yourself to something special.

3. What other birthday themed desserts do you have?

If you want to stick to a traditional birthday dessert, you can still enjoy our signature Twelve Cupcakes flavours with our range of birthday cakes.