• Honey Cake: $13.50
  • Contains Nuts
  • Baked with real fruits

Honey is folded into the batter, which is rolled out thin and baked to fluffy perfection. The honey sponge is then smothered with a delicious frosting and topped with yet another piece of honey sponge and then more frosting and then sponge again until slowly the tango presents itself into a most delectable and luscious dessert.

The trademark to any honey cake is time. Lots and lots of time. The process is long and meticulous, and requires the utmost skill and precision. Ingredients must be carefully measured, and balanced against each other, the honey must be just ever so slightly singed to give forth a rich caramel flavour, and the layers while thin, must be scrupulously even in their assembly. This is seriously high level stuff.

So why not try something new and a little different with us? Our lovingly crafted honey cakes are sure to make a mark.